5 Traits of a Good Design-Build Website

06 Feb 2017 2:45 PM | James Macholz (Administrator)

There's an ocean of good advice out there for what an effective website is for businesses. It's easy to get lost in it all. While most of it holds true, there are always a few things to keep in mind when dealing with a unique niche. Ultimately you want your website to be a proactive member of your sales team.

Here is a list of 5 traits I've found dealing solely with design-build remodelers. No matter what platform the website is built with (although I recommend WordPress).

1. Mobile friendly

That one is a no-brainer. We all know people are using mobile devices more for normal internet activity now, including looking for a remodeling company to work with.

2. Big, high quality photos.

We know this by who the target audience is. While they're considering a remodeling project, it's a total aesthetic process. Besides your website, their other sources of inspiration are Houzz, magazines, TV shows, etc... big, high quality photos.

3. Found in search engines

You know this well, but I'd like to say the buzzword "SEO" is kind of washed out. Today it's all about being "connected". Did you know there's specific code to tell search engines that all those other internet references about your company are connected? YouTube, Facebook, Houzz, etc. And I'm not talking about "backlinks" either, because that falls in to SEO. I'm talking about schema. But I've said too much jargon already, just Google that word if you want a computer science degree.

Basically you want to own your reputation online, and that's how your website can help.

4. Pre-qualify leads

Most web design and marketing agencies will tell you that you need a "CTA" (call to action) upfront at all times. A phone number and a lead capture form up top and following the visitor around. "Statistics show you better pounce in 5 min or less or you'll lose that lead!"

But what most web design and marketing agencies don't know, is that design-build contractors don't want those leads. They're tire-kickers and time wasters.

A remodeling relationship is a long one. You want prospects to know who you are, your process, and your skillset before the first conversation. You want your website to auto-reply with what your process is when they fill out that contact lead form. You want that contact lead form to ask them what their budget is so they know what the minimum is. You want them to expect a design fee; not a free estimate.

5. Service area pages with testimonials

The world of search engines is ever evolving (aka improving). You used to have a separate strategy to appear in Google Maps vs Organic (the other 10 listings). Now it's all pretty much blended. You can use this to your advantage with that magic word mentioned before; schema.

One of the 1st questions a new prospect will ask themselves is "does this company service my area?". What they're also asking (whether conscious or not) is "can I trust this company?". You can answer both with city/neighborhood specific pages that show you've been in their neighborhood before and remodeled a home they may even be familiar with. Instant trust factor.

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Tony Leary
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